Wednesday, 27 April 2016

99 Problems But Pull-Ups Ain’t One


I can remember back to early middle school (like 6th grade), when we did the presidential physical fitness test.

It was a series of exercises. The mile run (endurance), the sit and reach (flexibility), the shuttle run (agility & speed), and the pull-up test (strength). You could also opt for the chin over bar hold instead of doing strict pull-ups.

I was a little overweight then, and I remember HATING this test. It was embarrassing, and the exposure made me dread this part of the year when this test came along.

I could handle the sit and reach, and the shuttle run, but I would walk the mile, and I would take a zero on my pull-up test.

I was too embarrassed to even try. I was too scared to face the reality that I couldn’t do a single pull-up and I didn’t want everyone else to see it either.

Now back then, we didn’t have fitness podcasts and I didn’t really know or understand the concept of training for a goal you wanted to achieve.

If I could travel back in time, I would tell Beefy McG to keep his head up, and that one day physical fitness will be a hobby, a profession, maybe even a career.

Hell, he might even make a buck or two DOING pull-ups one day.

But most importantly, I would tell him to at least TRY. Every felt the same way about strict pull-ups? Tired of being told you’re not strong enough to kip yet? Have you been stuck using band’s in your classes for over a year?

A big problem I see that a LOT of people have is a lack of variety and progression when it comes to gaining strength in the upper body. Specifically for strict pull-ups.

In this weeks episode, we thought it was important to go in full depth about everything you ever wanted to know about strict pull-ups.

  • How to get stronger at them.
  • How strong is strong enough (never too strong!).
  • How to program them.
  • What exercises work.
  • What exercises DON’T work.
  • Which exercises are as waste of time.
  • How often to train them.

…We cover it ALL.

So if you or your clients have been using bands for a while, and are looking for some easy advice on how to start training for your FIRST pull-up or to get even MORE strict pull-ups, get ready to learn!

We take you from start to finish, how to assess and figure out where you might fall on the spectrum so you can finally start IMPROVING and stop scaling workouts with pull-ups.

No more fear! Make a plan and get to work!



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