Monday, 18 April 2016

Epke wins Horizontal Bar

After a disastrous ranking at Worlds 2015 we feared Epke would not get the chance to defend in Rio.

He will. :-)

Team Netherlands did qualify and will almost certainly include Zonderland in their lineup.

I watched the warm-up. Bart DEURLOO, BRETSCHNEIDER and ZONDERLAND are all capable of linking multiple big releases in a final. Here’s how it turned out.

1 ZONDERLAND Epke NED 7.100 + 8.633 = 15.733
2 BRETSCHNEIDER Andreas GER 7.300 + 8.300 = 15.600
3 OROZCO John USA 6.800 + 8.566 = 15.366

full results

Ultra clean Nile Wilson fell twice. John Orozco hit superbly with Liukin for the Bronze. (John was 9/9 in Rio.) But as he’s done so many times in the past, Epke hit the routine best when it counted.

Congratulations. Netherlands may be the happiest nation coming to the Olympics at this point.

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