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How to Get Someone to Eat Healthy with Thomas Cox – Episode 214

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Let me tell you what I’ve learned about people’s beliefs.

Beliefs bend, they don’t break.

Do you get that?

We’ll come back to it in a minute….

Do you have anyone (wife, husband, kids, parents, cousins, friends, etc) that you’re trying to positively influence to start eating cleaner and take better care of themselves?

I guess I should ask, do you have people you care about?

Have you gone down this path before?

Maybe you’ve come off to them as a health snob who’s trying to preach the “Paleo gospel!”

In their eyes, you basically just kicked down the door, and said “Aight, we’re gonna pull out all the fun food and you’re gonna to eat plants!”

This can really backfire when you’re trying to teach someone you care about how to eat cleaner and live a healthier lifestyle.

This brings me back to my first point from earlier. Beliefs don’t break, they bend. You HAVE to meet people where they are at.


One more thing…who are you to even think you know what’s best for them?

What gives you the credibility to give someone you care about any advice on how to “change themselves”?

Maybe you don’t. Maybe nothing.

BUT you have made the change yourself, and that change was more than likely influenced from someone else. Someone you trusted and who’s advice you take seriously.

So ask yourself first, “Am I in a position to give this kind of advice?”

If not, “What do I need to do to change that?”

Maybe YOU need to take your eating habits a little more seriously.

Especially if those that you’re trying to help only see you posting pictures of yourself crushing donuts…

How can you expect them to take your advice seriously?

Just some food for thought. (see what I did there?)

This week we interview Thomas Cox of MealFit. Thomas has a gift when it comes to speaking to people.

He is a very positive person, and speaks with a lot of confidence.

Not confidence because he thinks he knows more than everyone, he’s equally as humble. But confidence in that he really believes in what he is doing.

His mission is to help make families lives easier to be healthy. And he truly believes that it starts in the kitchen.

This episode is going to shock a LOT of people, scare some, and piss some others off. But what needs to be said, is said.

There is a really powerful, uplifting message in here. See if you can find it.




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