Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Pros and Cons of Scaling Workouts – Episode 235

What’s up Crew!

Do you have any clients or friends, that no matter what you say, absolutely refuse to “scale” a workout?

We all know that bro, who has something to prove…

The guy who has no business doing “Fran” as prescribed, but his ego is harder to stop than

…a stone cold stunner

…a CrossFitter not talking about Crossfit around his family at Thanksgiving

…a new podcast coming out with the name barbell something

…boners in a class room

…blue balls while grinding at a high school dance

(choose your own adventure)

….and ends up going through with it any way.

This week Coach McElroy is back with us and we discuss what it means to properly “scale” workouts.


Specifically how to figure out what the goal for each workout is and how to adjust it accordingly to your fitness level so you can get the most out of that training session.

We cover how to adjust movements based on safety and efficacy so that the goal of that training session is reached. This is applied to a group and individual setting. So if you’re someone at home who trains on your own, and you see a workout that you’re not quite sure you should be doing the prescribed movements, reps or weight, this episode will help guide you.



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