Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How to Make Good Movers Move Better W/ Ray Regno – Episode 248

What up crew, We want you to meet Ray Regno. Ray is a smart cookie. He is one of those coaches who has a drill or movement for everything.

We met Ray on a Wednesday at Mike Burgener’s gym as he was off to the side coaching an athlete, teaching how to activate the lats in the overhead squat. We got to talking to Ray and were impressed with just how knowledgable he was about movement.

The coolest part is that Ray is mostly self-taught. Through an obsession with the CrossFit® Journal, observing and learning from good coaches, Ray has been able to rapidly up-level his coaching game in a very short time.

In this episode we talk about the value of progressions in teaching movement, how to speed up your growth as a coach, and why you should hold your athletes more accountable for how they move.
To all the coaches (and aspiring coaches) out there, this one is a must listen. Drop us a line in the comments below and let us know what you found to be most valuable in this episode.



Mike Bledsoe

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